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Krautkramer Branson CL3 DL Precision Thickness Gauge

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Krautkramer Branson CL3 DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Price: US $2199.00

High Precision, High Resolution and High Reliability

Krautkramer Branson CL3 DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Kit, with probe, cable and case.

Comes with:

1) CL3 DL Main Unit with on board data Logger

2) Krautkramer Precision probe Alpha-2 with extra delay tips

3) Cable to connect probe and tester

4) Copy of CL3 DL Manual in English

5) Krautkramer Carrying Case

6) 5-Step Test Block (inch) with wood case (Material: 4340 Steel)

The CL3 DL ultrasonic thickness gauges is handheld, microprocessor controlled instruments for measuring a wide variety of fabricated parts, especially where conditions allow access to one side only. Whether you're spot checking thickness of incoming material, performing quality control on finished parts, or monitoring machining operations, CL3 DL shortens inspection time and reduce costs.


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