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Standard and Accessory Supporting Rings

Rebound Impact tester, or Leeb hardness tester, only works properly, if the impact body has a certain position in the guiding tube at the moment of impacting the test surface.

In the normal position when testing flat samples, the spherical test tip is located exactly at the end of the guiding tube. When testing spherical samples with standard support rings, it is to be observed that the radii R of curvature do not drop below the values indicated.

Standard Support Rings:

The standard support rings are supplied with the impact device. (D in the table means Diameter)


Impact DevicesModelShapeDimension (mm)Min radius of curvature (mm)
D, DC, C, ED6 D20 X 5.560
D6a D13.5 X 5.530
D+15D6b/D+15 D13.5X11X5.530
GG6 D30 X 7100
G6a D20 X 750

Accessory Support Rings:

The accessory support rings are available for impact devices D, DC, D+15, C and E, in the format of a set of 12.

ModelShapeDimension (mm)External radii (mm)Applications
Z10-15 20 X 20 X 7.510 - 15Cylindrical surfaces
Z14.5-3020 X 20 X 6.514.5 - 30
Z25-5020 X 20 X 625 - 50
HZ11-13 20 X 20 X 511 - 13Hollow-cylindrical surfaces
HZ12.5-1720 X 20 X 512.5 - 17
HZ16.5-3020 X 20 X 516.5 - 30
K10-15  D20 X 7.710 - 15Spherical surfaces
K14.5-30 D20 X 6.714.5 - 30
HK11-13  D17 X 511 - 13Hollow-spherical surfaces
HK12.5-17 D18 X 512.5 - 17
HK16.5-30 D20 X 516.5 - 30
UN 52 X 20 X 16 Universal supporting ring



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