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Digiwork Instruments is the representative in North America for the factories of scientific instruments in China. We represent the manufacturers to handle directly the sales and services of the products in the North America area.

We are proud to present Leeb's Hardness Tester HL-300A from Foresight, which is fully approved to ASTM A956-96 standard. The accessories for HL-300A are Fully compatible to Equotip hardness testers! What we offer here are extremely accurate and very portable testers which perform hardness measurement easily, rapidly and informatively on a wide range of metals and alloys.

Our highlighted products features a Through-Paint Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, DW-2D, which is a high accuracy, high resolution (0.01mm), hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the best performance and reliability over the world! It features reliable and stable reading, convenient data display (in both millimeters and inches), simple to use through the menu, durable and comfortable exterior structure, low power consumption (two of AA batteries). DW-2D now offers Through-Coating or Paint Thickness Measuring Capability - You can now test painted tanks, pipes, etc., without needing to remove the paint or make corrections for the paint thickness.

We also provide the products from TIME Group, including TH140, TH160, TH150, TH170, TH200, TH210, and a Surface Roughness Tester of TR220.

As an important part of our services, we provide the costumers high quality of technical support including instrument calibration, device repair and accessories replacement.

Our mission is to supply you with the highest quality products, give you the best service and offer you the lowest price. If you would like to have a price quote or if you have any inquiry, please contact with us. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you.

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