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Digiwork Instruments (Digiwork) provides its limited warranty for the testers and accessories to its authorized Distributors and other end-users (Digiwork Customers) who purchase the testers/parts or receive replacements directly from Digiwork. However, Digiwork may in its discretion honour claims made within the applicable warranty period (standard for one year) by those who are unable to obtain service directly from a Digiwork Distributors or other sellers. This is a discretionary service and does not create any obligation, contractual or otherwise, between Digiwork and any person who acquired the tester(s) and/or accessories from a third party.


Our customer service covers a wide range of client care and technical support, including customer communication and post-sale service, tester calibration and repair, accessories installation and replacement, software setup and upgrading. Our technical engineers are always ready to provide professional services for Digiwork Customers.


The standard warranty period for the testers and parts (non-consuming accessories) is one year from the date of purchasing. Extension of warranty period is encouraged, please contact sales department for details.


Fees are applied for replacement and installation of consuming accessories like impact body, ball tip, supporting ring, even within the period of warranty.


Defective testers and accessories (non-consuming type) may return for replacement within warranty period. You must have a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number issued from Digiwork Instruments prior to shipping a defective tester or part to us. The RMA request must first be approved by Digiwork, and the return of the faulty tester(s)/part(s) in accordance with service terms and conditions. Please e-mail our technical support to obtain a RMA request form, or call 1-866-522-2899.

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