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DW-401 A-Scan Thru-Paint Thickness Gauge

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Thru-Paint with A-Scan waveform snapshot Thickness Gauge DW-401

US $999.00

The most highlighted feature of this DW-401, based on DW-400, is its Through-Coating or Paint Thickness Measuring Capability when it is a must. Through-Paint / Coating function is achieved when changing the measuring mode from P-E (normal or single echo) to E-E (dual echo) via operation menu from the unit, this is done by measuring two consecutive bottom echoes from base or target material and therefore no need to remove the coating layer or damage the surface process, by using this DW-401 and TC510 probe.


when P-E or standard mode is used to check paint-covered sample, it reads 5.35mm which includes both the thickness of red paint and the substrate plate.

After switching to E-E or dual echo mode, the real thickness of the base is achieved as 5.02 mm.


DW-400 Serial, DW-400, DW-401 along with DW-402, have not only A-Scan snapshot feature with adjustable gain levels to show color waveform for better control and display of the testing, they also provide a high accuracy, high resolution (0.01mm) for the best performance and reliability. It features reliable and stable reading, convenient data display (in both millimeters and inches), simple to use through the menu, durable and comfortable exterior structure, low power consumption (two of AA batteries). These features make DW-400 serial unequalled in the performance as well as their value!


Highlighted Features:

  • Measuring method: Ultrasonic pulse echo with dual element transducer
  • Measuring range:  E-E mode: 3.0 mm - 25.0  mm;  P-E mode: 0.60 - 200 mm, all with TC510 probe for steel
  •  A-Scan of Color Waveform Snapshot
  • Three-level GAIN Control: Low, Medium, High
  • 2.4" Color OLED Display - 320 X 240 Pixels with 10,000:1 contrast
  • Display Mode: Normal, Max/Min, Diff / RR
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.05  mm (low limit to 10 mm), or +/- 0.5%H (10 mm to high limit)
  • TC510 Probe with contact indicator
  • Sound velocity range: 500 - 9999 m/s, adjustable by 1 m/s
  • Automatic power-off after being idle for 5 minutes
  • Display in both mm and inch
  • Battery level indicator
  • Display Resolution: 0.01mm (0.001 inch)  or 0.1 mm (0.01 inch)
  • Two Points Carlibration available
  • Power Supply: 2 X 1.5V AA Standard Batteries
  • Working temperature: -10 C ~ +50 C


    • Metal Materials: Al, Fe, Stainless Steel, Cu, Brass, Zn, Ag, Au, Sn,....
    • Acrylic Resin, Water Glass, ...
    • Other materials with known sound velocity values.


    • Power supply: Battery: 2AA alkaline dry cells (2 X 1.5V)
    • Dimension: 149 mm X 73 mm X 32 mm
    • Weight: 28g (with batteries)

    Contents in the package:

    1. Main Processor with Calibration block (4.0 mm)
    2. Standard Probe (PT-08) - Probe end Diameter: 10.00mm
    3. Bottle of Coupling Paste (kind of oil) (EMPTY bottle will be included to avoid leaking)
    4. Operation Manual in English
    5. Two Consumer-Type AA Type Alkaline Batteries (3 Volt)
    6. Foam-Fitted Carrying Suitcase to provide the best protection for the gauge


    Optional Accessories:

    • 6mm end-diameter probe with cable ($99.00 extra)
    • Communication Kit (Cable + Software) between PC and tester unit ($199.00 extra)
    • 5 Level (4 step) Calibration Block in mm or inch ($69.00 extra)
    • Standard Mode PT-08 Probe ($79.00 extra)
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