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Leeb Hardness Tester HL-300A

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Rebound Leeb Hardness Tester HL-300A

Great care has been taken to ensure faultless quality standards for the electronics and mechanical components. Demanding tolerances ensure that individual components (impact body, impact devices, standard test block and supporting rings) are mutually interchangeable without loss of accuracy!

Rebound Leeb Hardness Tester HL-300A

Highlighted Features

  • High Accuracy (0.5%) and Repeatability (4 LD units), operated by normal AA batteries

  • Wide Measuring Range with LD hardness value convertible to Brinell, Rockwell, Vicker and Shore scales;

  • Menu operation with Large LCD screen (for singer or comparison display of hardness values);

  • Automatic detection and application of impact devices (including D, DC, D+15, DL, C, G, E);

  • Data acquisition and output by micro-printer with 960 data store capacity;

  • Data transferable to PC via RS232 or USB interface;

  • Mean value, max value, min value and standard deviation;

  • Reference setting (date, work-piece No. etc.);

  • Selection of limitation with a sound alarm;

  • Conversion table revision;

  • Measuring directions selection - even up-side down;

  • Measuring calibration;

  • Automatic calibration with standard blocknew!


  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% (referred to L=800)

  • Repeatability: 4 (LD-units)

  • Measuring range: 200 - 960 (L-units)

  • Operation temperature: -10C - 45C or 14F - 113F

  • Power supply: 4 X 1.2V - 1.5V normal AA batteries

  • Weight: 450g or 1 LB

  • Dimension: 195mm X 84mm X 38mm or 7.68 in X 3.31 in X 1.50 in

Technical Data and Measuring Range for different Impact Devices (Probes):

Impact DeviceDDCD+15DLCGE
Impact Energy (Nmm)1111111139011
Length (mm)15085165202140250155
Diameter (mm)20202020203020
Weight (g)75508010075250100
Max hardness of sample940HV940HV940HV950HV1000HV650HB1200HV
Sample preparation 
Roughness Ra (um)2 2220.472
Min coupled thickness (mm)33331103
Min thickness of layer (mm)
Min weight of compact shape (kg)55551.5155
Min weight of solid support (kg)22220.552
Min weight coupled on plate (kg)
Indentation of test tip 
With 300HV, Diameter (mm)/depth (um)0.54/240.54/240.54/240.54/240.38/121.03/530.54/24
With 800HV, Diameter (mm)/depth (um)0.35/100.35/100.35/100.35/100.30/7---/---0.35/10
Measuring Range 
Steel and cast steelHV80-94080-93780-95080-996----84-1027
Alloy tool steelHV80-89880-935----100-941----83-1009
Stainless steelHV85-802--------------------
Grey cast ironHB93-334------------92-328----
Spheroidal ironHB131-387------------127-364----
Cast aluminiumHB20-159--------------------
Wrought CopperHB45-315--------------------


  • Hardness tests on installed machines or steel structures.

  • Rapid testing of multiple measuring areas for examination of hardness variations over larger regions.

  • In locations difficult of access and in confined spaces.

  • In situ on heavy and large workpieces or on permanently installed components.

  • Measuring hardness for produced parts at production line.

  • Identifying metallic material stored in a warehouse.

  • Ineffectiveness analysis of permanent parts, pressure vessel, turbo generator.

Standard Package:

  • HL-300A Unit

  • Impact Device D (Probe)

  • Standard testing block D

  • D6a (small) supporting ring

  • Nylon Cleaning brush

  • Operation manual

  • Protective Leather Case

  • Carrying Case

Optional Accessories:

  • Micro-Printer

  • Impact device DC, D+15, DL, C, G or E

  • Standard test block G

  • Special support rings

  • Connection cables to PC


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